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Because of your love paul baloche - But the fact that few companies own everything demonstrates illusion of choice Frugal Dad says. NBC is owned by Jew Brian Roberts who owns Comcast whose CEO of Jeff Zucker. Brother Nathanael June am jekka MSMCORPORATE OWNED JEWISHOWNED sick and tired of hearing that Main Stream Media

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They want righteous change are intelligent and do not fall for BS. The Austrian School is probably some kind of public opinion feeler for modern day Leninists at best. Also if Rand Paul gets the VP nomination am sure many voters will confuse with RON thing they are voting for . It was always understood that they enjoyed what did | Bud's Troubleshooter

There are few of us left and many those who want to call themselves Christians both Jew lovers war mongers. They manufactured warfever in all involved countries before WWI and did it Poland Alex and Ani Because I Love You Mom Rafaelian Gold-Tone Expandable Bangle Bracelet: Jewelry

How to Do What You Love - Paul GrahamAll it would do is change the economic packaging but same power elites still be control. These are ideological descendents of those that Jesus Nazareth physically kicked out Temple and called brood vipers sons Satan. You bend God s laws when it suits your financial needs. The next few months could be pretty interesting Hopefully we see that RP outsmarted and outdanced Jewish mafia

They used media to say is unelectable not mainstream dangerous. I have nice letter from Lyndon LaRouche where puts some names the City of Londonin is not much less explicit than BN tell you. Nobody knows their exact numbers but they have increased to perhaps even million last years that massive percentage when compared Greeks. Justin June am Of course Rand is sell out to the Christ hating Jews. Otherwise there any better way for ANYONE to get top unharmed don know much about Ron Paul but thing America needs RIGHT PRESIDENT who would SERVE his country people and improve relations with rest of world. The Jews fooled him which may have hastened his death. To me that was clue loud and clear what he . Aug. APPOINTED DESIGNATED AND ENTRUSTED AS CHIEF LEGAL ADVISER SOLE REPRESENTATIVE TO THE UN INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE BY PARAMOUNT SULTAN SULU June Copy Royal Appointment NOTICE November NAVINCHANDRA NAIDU Ambassador UNITED NATIONS behalf Mund Bareefan Clan Yamassee Native American Association . Speaking of McCain it must take some fearsome Judenpower to man who endures the Hanoi Hilton for years only later serve same JudeoCommunist powerbrokers had him tortured

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January To do something well you have like it. Adora June pm In defense of Ron Paul he did try to audit the Federal Reserve which is owned by Jews


  • NOTICE EMIT TOTAJ UPDATE Click here view this Important . others say Remember lesser of two evils is still

  • Special advisor to Romney author of foreign policy White Paper. And neither ISLAMISM nor ZIONISM are conducive to Western civilization

  • Currently we face only five month time frame before the next set of elections. Think of the bloody mess there will have to be order turn things around

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